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We are Havenhead band.       

Haven Head is a group of older musicians with about 100 years of combined music
experience.  We got together and started jamming about a year ago and like the sounds
we make.  We decided to share the music with the world (naturally) because we think
it is both good music and different.  

You can hear our music over at soundclick

Our music is good for you.

We've been playing a long time

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All of our tunes are original and represent a lot of combined music from three different
styles that merge and sound great together.   We try to create music that has up to
three different melodies all in key and that mesh together and thread around each other.
The "in's" and "out's" of this style of music makes a whole new sound that is
completely original. It grows on you.  That type of music is the type that you want to
listen to over and over for years.
Our Instruments are: Gruver Apache Custom Electric Guitar, Gruver Chippewa LPPP, Gruver Shawnee Deluxe ST110 Electric Guitar, Gruver Raritan Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Gruver  Creede Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Gruver SGT 30 Tube Guitar AMP, Gruver Navajo WKC100 Model Electric Guitar. 
USA Fender Deluxe Stratocaster, Fender Mex Stratocaster, Washburn MG74 Custom Electric guitar. Schecter acoustic/electric guitar, Fender Customized Acoustic/Electric, Yamaha keyboard, Drum Machine, Electronic Effects box, Fender Amps, Vox AMP, Epiphone AMP, Computer Recording and studio sound equipment. PA Equipment, Mixers.
Havenhead Band